We conduct a search on more than 10 000 real estate websites,
and you find your special gem

Access all property offers

No need to sign up to every alert or visit all the property agents. All the listings are here, even those that aren't displayed on any portals.

Be the first to visit

No more being one step behind, you'll even be one step ahead. We index listings as they are published on real estate agencies' sites in real time. You receive the alert before everyone.

Regain control

No more chaotic searches. Thanks to our log book, all the properties are ranked according to how your project is progressing so you can finally see more clearly.

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With Vizzit, artificial intelligence searches for you

We have developed an artificial intelligence technology capable of completely change the experience of property searching.

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Identifies all property listings

The Vizzitbot browses the web 24 hours a day looking for real estate listings to identify. It retrieves listings from the source, on real estate agency websites, as soon as they are published.

Deduplicates them

The Vizzitbot is able to spot two similar listings, it aggregates them into a single listing which groups together all the information available on the property.

Sends them to you and monitors updates

Thanks to an alert system, every listing detected notifies in real time the people whose criteria match. A monitor is also set up for people wishing to follow updates on a specific property.

Detects expired listings

To avoid disappointment, the Vizzitbot identifies listings already under offer and informs interested users.